• Victoria Carr

A tidal wave of suffering and loss

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

It is hard to believe how much has happened in the world since I wrote my first short post! We are now in the grip of a global pandemic and only one thing is certain, we can only speculate how things will progress - nobody can claim to know this with any real certainty.

There is now a huge wave of suffering spreading across all sections of society; many will die from covid -19 and many will be be left bereaved and traumatised as a result. Even people safe in isolation for the duration are likely to start to feel the load of anxiety and depression weigh heavy of them. Yes, it is wonderful to see government assurances of mental health support appearing everywhere, but a shame it has taken a pandemic for this to be considered a necessity. If the past is anything to go by, it will most likely be slow to materialise and inadequate. We all need to look into ourselves to find coping mechanisms and action we can take in order to self heal.

I am no expert therapist, qualified psychiatrist or counsellor, I can only share how I was forced to self heal. I was lucky to do this without medication or antidepressants (those were the only things that were quickly offered). Reasoning or talking alone will not free you from mental pain after experiencing any big shocks in life, post traumatic stress or grief. You need to combine it with huge personal effort working with your body. Mind and body are one, you cannot separate the two.

Writing a regular journal as I will be doing on here is a great start, it doesn't matter how much you write or what it is about, but do include your feelings.

This afternoon I will start a portrait of a kind and remarkable woman JOAN BAZZEL in the USA and here is a link to her website: . She has been waiting for a long time for me to do this and has always been there offering encouragement to me in my art and a positive attitude. Thank you Joan! pictures of my progress will follow soon

Below is a quick watercolour I did some years ago about climate change that seems to fit the chaotic effect across the world of the pandemic

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