ResearcHers Code


I run a community called ResearcHers Code that

supports cis/trans women and/or non-binary working

in academia and technology.


I also co-host a podcast with another academic

interviewing women who code to solve the biggest

challenges facing our world.

We also run tech skills workshops including machine

learning and Github workshops, and also a

Twitter account hosting women in research and tech


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Guest Speaker on The Turing Podcast

June 2020

Superbug evolution: understanding the spread of antimicrobial resistance

Speaker for LeedsOmics Research in Progress Seminar

May 2020​

Invited speaker for online seminar on my research and projects

Panelist at “HealthTech in Academia: Diverse Leadership & Leaky Pipelines” at University College London

June 2018

Invited panelist for panel discussion and audience Q&A on working in healthtech in academia

Speaker for "Coding 101" at St. John's College, Cambridge

May 2018

Talk on the importance of diversity in tech and Python workshop for donors of St. John's College

Speaker for R-Ladies London at

April 2018

Talk on "Hacking Antimicrobial Resistance" using R

Panelist for “Code n’ Cloud” at Microsoft UK

June 2017

Invited panelist for panel discussion and audience Q&A on careers in tech

Speaker for Techknow Day Conference

October 2017

Talk on "Five ways to help women in STEM"



Antibiotic resistance: new discovery could change the future of treatment for The Conversation

Feb 2020

The Power of Collaboration: Working Together to Tackle AMR for the Medical Research Foundation

October 2019

Code decoded for St. John's College, Cambridge Alumni Blog

September 2018

In Computational Combat Against Antimicrobial Resistance for Science & Engineering South

July 2018

A briefing encounter with policymaking for the Microbiology Society

May 2018